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Matthew Martinez

Student, Philomath, Music Lover



-Attending Northern Arizona University

  • Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

-Certified Insurance Agent

  • Ready to help clients wade through the intimidating world of insurance


  • Interned at a finance firm for 3 months.


-Tucson Native

  • Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Currently living in Flagstaff for school, so I'm acclimated to the extreme heat and extreme cold

-Multi-Cultural Familiy

  • Raised with different heritages, traditions, and beliefs. Getting the best of both worlds

-Large, Loving Familiy

  • The youngest of 3, I love to hit the gym and hang out with my older brothers.


-Improving Mind, Health, and Body

  • Whether it’s eating healthy, working out, or learning about the human body… I love to find various ways to better myself and others.


  • I have been fortunate enough to experience both coasts of the U.S. and would love the opportunity to experience more parts of the world. I even plan to study abroad for one semester and go to either Argentina or Chile.


  • I enjoy trying new things and while I am in Flagstaff, I going to go snowboarding frequently.